Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks 1

The other day the girls at the office brought to my attention a video on social media that showed someone getting a procedure done to make their cheek bones look more pronounced. This was also a video from a plastic surgeon and I’ll warn you before you watch it; it is graphic.

So of course I had to watch this video (curiosity killed the cat). The plastic surgeon makes a cut on the inside of your mouth in the cheek area. He then starts to remove the fatty tissue from the cheek. I do get the concept and I’m sure this isn’t the first procedure he has done. When you think about this “selfie society” we’ve become, everyone sucks their cheeks (“duck face”) in to enhance their picture. The surgeon just probably thought, let’s just cut out the fat….easy fix, right?

When I think about this procedure, I wonder, is the skin going to be elastic enough to bounce back? Or in a few years are the cheeks going to be saggy?

In my opinion, I know of a more successful and painless way to achieve the same younger looking results. The tissues in your cheeks are not the only component contributing to your facial features. The bone and teeth structure also play a major part in supporting the face. Have you ever seen someone without his or her dentures in? Their face is sunken in and they have no lips. Once they place their teeth back in, bravo, their face is back! If a patient has a history of tooth loss, grinding or jaw misalignment, this has a great impact on their facial appearance. When the foundation (teeth/bone) is strong and healthy, the outward appearance is enhanced. I often compare this process to building a house. You need a great builder and solid foundation so the house will remain upright and intact for many years.

So I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Here is my patient Jodi. She suffered from jaw misalignment and grinding. By correcting her foundation of teeth, we enhanced her outward appearance. Just look at those lips and cheek bones!

Here is another patient, Jackie. If you notice her cheeks with her before picture are more round. We elongated and balanced out the jaw and teeth to get a youthful and healthy appearance.


This is the kind of dentistry that I practice daily. I am able to provide my patients with great dental work and also obtain a youthful look. What more could you want out of a dentist right? If this practice of dentistry is what you are interested in, I would encourage you to call my office. One of my highly trained hygienist will take great care of you and help answer any questions that you may have.

Healthy Regards,

Dr. Alex George DDS, LVIF


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