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Neuromuscular Dentist in Pittsburgh

30+ years experience in complete dentistry services.

Dr. Alexandra S. George is a well-known neuromuscular dentist, having been named one of the top dentists in Pittsburgh for the quality of care she delivers. Our dental practice operates on a complete dentistry philosophy, which is the understanding that treating one part of the mouth affects the rest of the mouth. We look at the patient as a whole and effectively treat dental conditions by getting to the root of the problem.

Whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry, TMJ/D treatments, DTR Therapy, or facial growth orthodontics, you’re in good hands with Dr. George. Experience the Dr. Alexandra S. George DDS difference and let’s get you one step closer to the smile you’ve always wanted.

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TMJD Treatment

TMJD affects millions of Americans, causes damage to the jaw joints and often leaves its sufferers in severe, disabling pain that can make everyday functions such as speaking, eating and chewing difficult. Dr. George specializes in treating TMJD and can get you back to living life in comfort again!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Alex is truly an expert and an artist. Voted one of the top cosmetic dentists in Pittsburgh, her work truly is unmatched. Not only will you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of …

Facial growth orthodontics

Facial Growth Orthodontics

We offer a range of treatment options for individuals who want to improve the appearance of their smile and achieve a more youthful appearance, including Facial Growth Guided Appliance (FGGA) and controlled arch orthodontic options to address conditions such as underbites, overbites and crossbites as well as mid-face deficiencies.

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DTR Therapy

Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) Therapy involves advanced Tekscan and EMG technology to help you achieve a balanced bite. Dr. Alexandra George is one of the few dentists in the world who is certified and trained to perform DTR Therapy.

What is neuromuscular dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on jaw alignment and considers the teeth, facial muscles, and joints as an interdependent unit. Rather than looking only at the teeth and gums, we correct jaw misalignment and adjust occlusion (how the upper and lower teeth come together). This not only enhances facial appearance and improves oral health, but alleviates pain and discomfort due to stress on the jaw muscles.

Dr. Alexandra S. George DDS plans interventions carefully to minimize the impact and stress on the TMJ and the muscles of the jaw. Additionally, we look at how problems with the TMJ and the jaw muscles can cause issues with the bite as well as headaches, neck tension, and jaw pain, and how these conditions can negatively impact dental restorations.

We take a look at how neuromuscular problems can impact your bite, such as:

  • Spinal misalignment
  • Muscle problems
  • Postural issues
  • Painful muscles and trigger points
  • Craniocervial issues
  • Neurological issues

Proper alignment of the jaw is critical for the temporomandibular joint to function properly. When the jaw is misaligned, it can cause all kinds of issues – neuromuscular dentistry addresses this and can help you find relief from pain and discomfort.

The Alexandra S. George DDS | Pittsburgh Dentist experience

Our specialized team is cross-trained and experienced, using advanced technologies to treat our patients. We attend seminars, conferences, and continuing education classes to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and TMJD treatments. You can trust our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable team of professionals to provide you with some of the highest quality dental services in Pittsburgh.

We can:

  • Eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Rebuild and transform your smile
  • Correct jaw misalignment with no surgery
  • Help you live a normal and pain-free life

Your oral health is an important part of your overall wellbeing – and we treat it like so.  Walk into our office and you will quickly realize that we’re not your typical dentist office. We have intentionally created a spa-like environment where you can relax while getting treatment. Our beautiful waiting area is complete with plush armchairs, a fireplace, and small details that will make you feel welcome. Grab some refreshments from our coffee and snack bar and enjoy a clean, inviting space.



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Dr. Alexandra S. George

Dr. George specializes in creating beautiful smiles but understands the best smile is one that is both beautiful and healthy. As a result, all of our services are performed with the physiological characteristics of the bite in mind.

As a leader in specialty dentistry, Dr. George is committed to continual learning and investment in the most advanced dental technologies available to treat patients comfortably and accurately.

Dr. George graduated from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry in 1990 and completed her general practice residency program at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Pittsburgh.

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Our high-end dentistry services are offered in a premium facility, equipped with topnotch technology. We pride ourselves In treating each client uniquely to fit their needs. Read our client testimonials and find out why Alexandra S. George DDS is a five star clinic.

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