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Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy

Using advanced technology to help you achieve a balanced bite.

What is DTR Therapy?

DTR therapy uses the Tekscan and EMG technology to provide us with accurate measurements of a patient’s bite and identify contacts that may be leading to hyperactive muscles, breakage, and TMJ/D symptoms. We measure pressure, timing, and muscle activity and with the data gathered, Dr. Alex is able to make accurate micro-adjustments to the tooth to achieve a better balanced bite and more functional bite activity.

Did you know?

There are approximately 15 million Americans that suffer from some sort of bite disorder. Conditions can range from minor pain or discomfort to more debilitating symptoms that can affect a person’s everyday life. For many patients, Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) is a great option for addressing their symptoms.

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Is DTR right for you?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, you may benefit from DTR Therapy:

  • TMJ/D symptoms and/or diagnosis
  • Bite feels off/pain after dental work
  • Bite feels off/pain after braces or invisalign
  • Unanswered questions and misdiagnosed pain

Your treatment plan

DTR Therapy involves the latest technology to identify where friction and stress are causing muscles to hyperfunction into a painful state. With this information, we can effectively adjust teeth into a balanced bite without the use of appliances, medication, injections, or surgery. DTR Therapy is a minimally-invasive solution that can help relieve you of pain and discomfort in 1-3 appointments.


Advanced DTR Education

Dr. Alexandra has attended the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) and has completed more than 400 education hours, becoming one of the few dentists in the world to earn the LVI Fellow distinction. Dr. Alex received her certification in Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy, making her one of 36 certified doctors in the world.

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