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Join two of the country’s top TMJ experts to better understand, treat, and find lasting solutions for TMJD. Dr. Alexandra S. George DDS, LVIF is based in Pittsburgh, PA and has been practicing cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry for over 30 years, while Vancouver based Dr. Priya Mistry DDS is a protege of 40-year innovator and expert Dr. Arthur L. Parker DMD. She now focuses on educating TMJ sufferers about real-life solutions.

These two experts may work on opposite sides of the country, but they have one big thing in common – they want YOU to find relief from your painful TMJD symptoms.

The TMD and Sleep Apnea Connection

Dr. Alex and Dr. Priya discuss the connection between TMD and sleep apnea, and how treating TMD can improve sleep quality. They also answer listener questions on reducing TMJ symptoms while sleeping, and the use of oral appliances to treat sleep apnea.

TMJ Pain Simplified: A Conversation with Dr. Mac Lee

Dr. Alex and Dr. Priya welcome Dr. Mac Lee to discuss the often-misunderstood condition of TMJ pain. Dr. Lee shares his expertise in neuromuscular dentistry, emphasizing the importance of addressing both muscular and joint issues to achieve lasting comfort. He explains how a simple bite adjustment can dramatically improve function and reduce pain, while providing practical tips for self-management techniques. This is a cannot miss episode with a legend in the field, so tune in and enjoy!

Signs and Symptoms of TMJ

On this episode, Dr. Alex and Dr. Priya are back to share intriguing cases, testimonials, and stories from their own practices! Not only are there some amazing stories in this edition of Unclenched, including one from Dr. Priya that is kind of, um, crazy…but there is a ton of information on the signs and symptoms of TMJ! Find out the common signs and symptoms dentists look for to identify TMJ/TMD issues, practical lifestyle changes and self-care suggestions, and valuable insights effective temporary pain relief solutions!

Meet Dr. Alex and Dr. Priya

Welcome to episode one of Unclenched! On this first edition of the podcast, TMJ experts, Dr. Alex and Dr. Priya discuss how they got into dentistry, what TMJ is, and why they have a passion for helping people alleviate pain caused by TMJ.


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