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Controlled Arch Orthodontics

Enjoy the benefits of a fuller, healthier, and more pleasing smile…

Controlled arch orthodontics to improve your smile…

If you could reverse time and reduce the signs of aging without having a face-lift, Botox or dermal fillers, would you?

Since controlled arch orthodontics address and correct mid-face jaw formation and spacing issues, there is an added benefit over simply treating smile problems with cosmetic restoration. The benefit is a more youthful appearance and a fuller, broader smile!

Confidence Restored!

You can avoid invasive cosmetic treatments and the downtime associated with surgery by improving your appearance in a different way: with controlled arch orthodontics! Schedule a consultation today!

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The benefits of controlled arch orthodontics…

Controlled arch orthodontics focuses on oral foundation and anatomy to address and correct jaw formation, alignment issues, and crowded teeth. Unlike traditional braces that only focus on aligning the teeth, controlled arch braces from Dr. Alexandra S. George DDS look at the natural development pathways of our facial structure.

Controlled arch orthodontics taps into the body’s ability to simulate how our teeth and jaw were intended to grow and function. The result:

  • A fuller, broader smile
  • A long-lasting, more youthful appearance
  • The reduction of jowl and loose/sagging skin
  • More pleasing profile
  • Elimination of deep lower lip creases and overbites
  • Improved TMJ/D symptoms
  • Reduced sleep apnea

How controlled arch orthodontics work

Our teeth grow in synchronicity with our tongue, cheek, and jaw muscles. Misaligned teeth can lead to other oral issues such as TMJ/D, jaw pain, an uncomfortable bite, and asymmetrical facial features. As the jaw develops, many factors can disrupt the intended and natural growth of our teeth and face, such as genetics, injury, trauma, and even environmental circumstances.

Treatments such as controlled arch braces and children’s facial growth orthodontics can help solve the adverse development of the jaw and face. Controlled arch orthodontics work by:

  • Using large lingual arches to expand the molars and archwires to expand the arch
  • Widening the arched shape of the teeth to increase space in the mouth
  • Strategically moving the jaw to its intended position
  • Addressing the jaw and widening the bite first before straightening the teeth

The arches and archwires are designed to create more room, preventing potential bite problems and incorrect alignment. Controlled arch appliances are similar to traditional braces, but the pattern of pressure applied to the teeth is different. Controlled arch braces have a more predictable movement pattern and timeframe, reducing treatment time to about a third less than traditional braces.

Find out if you’re a candidate

Good candidates for controlled arch braces are those patients who have a narrow positioning of their existing teeth. We start with an initial consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for controlled arch orthodontics or if there is a more suitable treatment for your condition, such as facial growth orthodontics.

Dr. Alexandra S. George DDS will assess your mouth, teeth, and jaw and ask questions about any issues you might be experiencing, such as pain, discomfort, trouble breathing, difficulty sleeping, and more.


Deb, before and after combined
Marine, before and after

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a fuller, healthier, and more pleasing smile? Schedule your consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Control Arches treatment plan usually last?

Controlled Arches treatment typically reduces treatment time by about a third compared to traditional braces. While the exact duration can vary based on individual needs and conditions, it is designed for a more efficient process due to its predictable movement pattern and strategic approach.

At what age is it recommended to consider Control Arches for preventive orthodontic care?

Control Arches are suitable for both adults and children. Assessing jaw formation and spacing issues early in development can be beneficial.

How do Control Arches contribute to preventing orthodontic problems?

Control Arches contribute to preventing orthodontic problems by expanding the molars and widening the arched shape of the teeth, which increases space in the mouth and helps strategically move the jaw to its intended position. This approach addresses the root causes of misalignment and crowding, preventing potential bite problems and incorrect alignment.

Are Control Arches suitable for adults as well, or is it primarily for children?

Control Arches are suitable for both adults and children. They are designed to correct mid-face jaw formation and spacing issues, providing benefits across a range of ages by addressing and correcting the natural development pathways of our facial structure.

Is the use of Control Arches uncomfortable or painful?

Orthodontic treatments, including Controlled Arches, can involve some discomfort or pain due to the pressure applied to move teeth. However, Controlled Arches are designed with a more predictable movement pattern, which may contribute to a more comfortable experience than traditional braces.

Are there specific oral care practices required during Control Arches treatment?

Like other orthodontic treatments, maintaining good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing around the appliances and following any specific care instructions provided by the dentist, is essential for the success of the treatment and overall oral health.