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Controlled Arch Orthodontics

Enjoy the benefits of a fuller, healthier, and more pleasing smile…

Controlled arch orthodontics to improve your smile…

If you could reverse time and reduce the signs of aging without having a face-lift, Botox or dermal fillers, would you?

Since controlled arch orthodontics address and correct mid-face jaw formation and spacing issues, there is an added benefit over simply treating smile problems with cosmetic restoration. The benefit is a more youthful appearance and a fuller, broader smile!

Confidence Restored!

You can avoid invasive cosmetic treatments and the downtime associated with surgery by improving your appearance in a different way: with controlled arch orthodontics! Schedule a consultation today!

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The benefits of controlled arch orthodontics…

Many patients who choose controlled arch orthodontics report benefits such as:

  • A fuller, broader smile
  • A long-lasting, more youthful appearance
  • The reduction of jowl and loose/sagging skin
  • More pleasing profile
  • Elimination of deep lower lip creases and overbites


Deb, before and after combined
Marine, before and after

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a fuller, healthier, and more pleasing smile? Schedule your consultation today!

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