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Connecting the body & mouth …

The complete dentistry approach.

We know that the health of your mouth is a critical part of your overall health.


Whole patient dentistry…

Our approach to dentistry is treating the whole patient instead of a specific area of dental care.

We look beyond treating your teeth to make sure the rest of your mouth is healthy, too. We also take a more in-depth look to make sure that all mechanical functions of the mouth and jaw are working correctly and that all tissues and structures are healthy.

Complete dentistry also means understanding how treating one part of the mouth affects the rest of the mouth, and we keep this in mind during every part of your treatment and work to plan interventions carefully to minimize impact and stress on the TMJ and the muscles of the jaw. Additionally, we look at how problems with the TMJ and the jaw muscles can cause issues with the bite, headaches, neck and jaw pain and negatively impact dental restorations.

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Healthy mouth, healthy body!

Dental problems and oral health issues can manifest as serious issues and illnesses elsewhere in the body, and that many diseases and health conditions can negatively impact the health of the mouth. As a result, we take into consideration your whole health history; reviewing any symptoms you may be experiencing and any medications you’re taking, your diagnosed or underlying health conditions, and your behavioral habits, like your diet and if you smoke or use tobacco productions.

Who benefits from complete dentistry?

Everyone! Whether you are looking for full mouth reconstruction or treatment for TMJD issues, or neuromuscular analysis and correction, we focus on treating the whole patient to find the root cause of your pain. Once identified, we design a personalized treatment plan to make sure your smile is both healthy and beautiful.

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