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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Treatment

Through a series of about 5 appointments we can help correct your bite…


For many people, living with TMJD is a lifelong challenge and requires ongoing tmjd treatment to keep you in balance and prevent painful symptoms from reoccurring and interrupting their quality of life.

Through a series of about 5 appointments we will take the time to learn about your current condition and configure a specific tmjd treatment plan just for you!  We need to learn about your journey, other doctors and methods that you have tired to help with your TMJD, and we also evaluate the muscles of the head and neck and posture…

You deserve to live a pain-free life.

We offer several tmjd treatment options to keep you comfortable, and keep your jaw in the long run. Schedule your consultation today!

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TMJD Treatment Options

Depending on the severity and underlying cause of your TMJD symptoms, you may benefit one or more of these options:

  • Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR)
  • Orthotic appliance
  • Crowns
  • Braces

Orthotic Appliance

A semi-permanent solution to your jaw discomfort. They are removable, but may be worn up to 24 hours a day. Orthotics are designed to move the lower jaw it proper neuromuscular position and reduce painful TMJD symptoms.


We offer patients both crowns to restore the entire mouth or partial crowns to restore specific mouth areas. Crowns can help to keep painful symptoms of TMJD and other jaw disorders at bay restoring your teeth to the pain-free position of an orthotic, but are not removable. Crowns are an excellent option for many patients with a history of grinding and worn teeth because they can help restore tooth structure lost to excessive wear – and they also give you a beautiful smile in the process!


Not your traditional braces! Our approach to orthodontics considers how your teeth and jaw should function, not just how your smile looks. The objective of our braces treatment protocol is to move the teeth and remodel your jaw and bone structure so to a more comfortable – and permanent – position.

Customized TMJD Treatment Timelines

1st Appointment


Anticipate about 2 hours for this visit. Dr. Alexandra strongly suggests that you bring someone with you to this appointment due to the amount of information that is reviewed. During this visit any necessary x-rays and photographs will be taken.

Also, a detailed medical and dental history will be reviewed. We need to learn about your journey, other doctors and methods that you have tired to help with your TMJD. We also evaluate the muscles of the head and neck and posture.

2nd Appointment

Orthotic Work Up

2 hour appointment to assess jaw and neck muscle activity, jaw movement, and joint function utilizing our computer technology the K-7. Also, localized x-rays of your joint and Cephalometric films are taken.

3rd Appointment


2 hour appointment,Includes 1 hour U.L.F. T.E.N.S. therapy. Dr. Alex will determine your proper bite/jaw position based off of your muscles and current jaw tracking. This appointment is utilized to make your orthotic.

4th Appointment

Orthotic Fit

2 hour appointment, includes 1 hour U.L.F. T.E.N.S. therapy. Your teeth will be cleaned prior to placement and Dr. Alex will fit your new orthotic. Instructions and care will given.

5th Appointment

Follow-up & Care

As your jaw structure begins heal and improve its function and balance, and as your posture improves, adjustments to your bite and/or your orthotic will be required to continue to provide balanced support. Appointments are as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does TMJ treatment take?

TMJ treatment typically involves a series of about five appointments. The timeline can vary based on individual needs and the specific treatment plan, but each step is designed to progressively correct your bite and alleviate TMJ symptoms.

How do I know if I need TMJ treatment?

You may need TMJ treatment if you experience symptoms like jaw pain, difficulty chewing, a clicking or popping sound when moving your jaw, ear pain, or headaches. A detailed evaluation by a TMJ specialist that includes assessing your medical history, jaw muscles, and posture can confirm the need for treatment.

Is TMJ treatment only about relieving pain?

While relieving pain is a primary goal, TMJ treatment also aims to correct the underlying issues causing TMJD, such as bite misalignment. It focuses on improving jaw function, preventing reoccurrence of symptoms, and enhancing overall quality of life, not just pain relief.

What is the most effective treatment for TMJ?

The most effective treatment for TMJ varies depending on the individual’s condition but may include Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR), orthotic appliances, crowns, or braces. These options aim to move the jaw to a proper neuromuscular position, reduce symptoms, and restore the mouth to optimal functionality. A personalized treatment plan, designed after thorough evaluation and diagnostics, ensures the best approach for lasting relief.

Are TMJ treatments covered by insurance?

Non-surgical TMJ treatments are typically considered out-of-pocket expenses, as most insurance plans do not cover these types of treatments. This stance by insurance companies means that, despite the necessity and effectiveness of TMJ treatments, patients may need to prepare for these costs independently.

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