Famous Faces That Wore Braces

Adult woman smiling with braces

Let’s face it: There are very few people who enjoy wearing braces. It’s bad enough when you’re a pre-teen or a teen, but it can be really embarrassing as an adult. The important thing to remember when sporting a metal mouth is that it’s not only temporary, but the result will also be a beautiful, even smile. Still not sure you’re ready to let anyone see you in braces? Check out this list of celebrities who wore braces under the scrutiny of the Hollywood spotlight – and lived to tell the tale.

Gwen Stefani

Known for her ska music, pop career, fashion line and platinum blond hair, The Voice’s Gwen Stefani once fearlessly rocked braces with style while performing with her band, No Doubt. Now her smile is as flawless as the rest of her look.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress wore braces right at the height of the Harry Potter frenzy, when her star was just taking off. Now she has a gorgeous smile and her career is on fire.

Faye Dunaway

The gifted actress got her first set of braces in her 60s and fearlessly said, “I’m right in style,” when asked about them. Now her smile is as stunning as her career.

Tom Cruise

Yes, Tom Cruise had braces for a while back in 2002. There are lots of rumors and theories about Cruise’s teeth, but one thing is certain: Adult braces helped the superstar’s smile, and they can help yours too!

Faith Hill

The country music chanteuse wore braces on her top teeth only and was proud to do it. With so much focus on her mouth from her singing career, it only made sense that Hill would want to better align her teeth.

These celebrities all had braces – and a career in the spotlight. They didn’t let scrutiny or fear hold them back from getting the smile of their dreams – and neither should you.

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Dr. Alexandra S. George

Medically reviewed by Dr. Alexandra S. George - D.D.S., L.Vl.I.F. on December 10th, 2018