February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month

With another National Children’s Dental Health Month upon us, it’s time to spotlight some better ways to help your children care for their teeth. This year’s theme is “Brush and Clean in Between to Build a Healthy Smile.”

So, how can you help your kids build that better smile? Try these tips.

Make Brushing a Game

Set a fun shaped timer or a brushing app for at least two minutes two times a day. There are also several interactive videogame toothbrushes on the market that make killing plaque fun.

Get a Cool Toothbrush

In addition to app-enabled toothbrushes, there are plenty of fun character toothbrushes for kids that will make them want to get their brush out every day.

Try a Reward Chart

Reward charts aren’t for everyone, but if you’re really struggling to get your child to brush and floss, start a reward chart that offers incentives for good oral care. You can even offer rewards like later bedtimes, longer screen time or a new app.

Use Flossers

Let’s face it: Flossing can be a challenge for some adults, not to mention children. But if you start your children on a healthy path early, flossing will become second nature. To encourage flossing, buy colorful children’s flossers or flavored dental floss. Floss with your kids each time, so you can make sure they’re doing it correctly, and have fun with it!

Remember, flossing cleans away about 40 percent of the plaque and bacteria in our mouths, so when you don’t floss, you’re only getting about 60 percent of your teeth clean!

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