Five Things to Never Scrimp on

With Black Friday sales practically a national holiday and entire television shows dedicated to using coupons and getting good deals on everything from flea market finds to vintage vehicles, you could say saving money is a big deal. But in life there are just some things you should never scrimp on – even if that means you pay a little more up front. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for – and in the case of these five purchases, you definitely want to pay for something good.


Whether it’s a cut, color, trim or perm, when it comes to your hair, not all services are created equal. Even the best stylist can only go so far with dull scissors and bad products. That’s why you should never pinch pennies when it comes to your hair. Allow yourself to indulge – guilt free – in a quality service, and you’ll get beautiful results.

Mouth Guards

Sure, you can get a great deal on one of those all-purpose boil-and-bite mouth guards at the sports, discount or drug store – but you aren’t really doing yourself any favors. A custom mouth guard is not only designed to custom fit your teeth (and only your teeth), but it also addresses specific issues in your mouth, from a misaligned bite to snoring to sports protection to bruxism (teeth grinding). Plus, custom mouth guards aren’t bulky and awkward like the over-the-counter varieties, so you’re more likely to wear it, keeping your teeth safer. In fact, many are so comfortable and undetectable, you can even speak while wearing them!


With discount orthodontics-by-mail companies seemingly popping out of the woodwork these days, it can be hard to resist the rock-bottom prices they offer. But buying aligners from a by-mail orthodontist isn’t just a bad idea – it’s a dangerous idea. Not having a local doctor monitoring your progress can be catastrophic. One wrong move could damage your teeth so badly they chip, crack or cause a misaligned bite. This can increase your risk of teeth grinding or even tooth loss. Never attempt to DIY any kind of medical procedure, and leave the orthodontics to the experts.


The average person sleeps for about one-third of their life. With so much time spent sleeping, doesn’t it make sense to sleep in something comfortable? We work hard every day, but unfortunately most of us don’t have time to really unwind and relax until our head hits the pillow. Shouldn’t it land on something soft?

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

From discount dentists to dental tourism, there are plenty of people out there who claim they can give you a beautiful smile for a fraction of the cost. But unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and many patients find out the hard way that their so-called bargain was more than they bargained for, with botched dental procedures causing tooth loss, infection and, yes, a trip back to a dentist to fix it all up.

Sure, full-mouth reconstruction is a big investment, but when done correctly it’s an investment in your health and appearance that is truly priceless.

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Dr. Alexandra S. George

Medically reviewed by Dr. Alexandra S. George - D.D.S., L.Vl.I.F. on November 12th, 2018