Think Before Vaping

Vaping equipment

Quitting smoking is a big deal, and something to be commended for. But too often these days we hear about people switching from smoking to vaping, thinking they are doing something better for their bodies.

Unfortunately vaping, while slightly less harmful in some ways than cigarette smoking, is still extremely bad for your health.

If you have recently undergone full-mouth reconstruction or cosmetic dental procedures and would like to maintain your results for as long as possible by switching from smoking to vaping, here’s what you should know.

It’s Full of Chemicals

While vaping has far fewer chemicals than cigarettes do, most vaping fluid still contains nicotine, which is both toxic and addictive (though you can opt for zero-nicotine vaping fluid). Plus, vaping is still so new there is simply not enough research to gauge how dangerous it really is – or what its long-term effects will be.

It’s Addictive

Yes, vaping fluid is addictive and may contain MORE nicotine than cigarettes, depending on the strength of vaping fluid you use.

It Could Backfire

Vaping may not help you quit smoking in the long run. Studies have shown that when people vape to quit smoking they are more likely to end up both smoking and vaping.

Dangerous Equipment

The e-cigarettes themselves can be dangerous. In fact, there have been numerous cases around the U.S. of e-cigarettes – which usually charge with a lithium ion battery – exploding during use, causing serious, severe injury to the users’ teeth, jaw, mouth and face.

Avoiding smoking and vaping altogether is the best way to safeguard both your overall and oral health. To schedule an appointment with Dr. George to discuss cosmetic dentistry options, please call 724-220-2347.

Dr. Alexandra S. George

Medically reviewed by Dr. Alexandra S. George - D.D.S., L.Vl.I.F. on February 6th, 2019