Toss that Toothbrush!

Old frayed toothbrush

The subject of replacing a toothbrush came up the last time I visited my sister, Cindy. As a Pittsburgh dentist for more than 25 years, she ought to know that I’ll always ask about her dental health!

To appreciate this blog, let me first describe Cindy. Imagine the energizer bunny with a couple of espressos in it. She can not sit still; she talks a lot, eats a lot, and probably weighs 100lbs soaking wet. Yes, I’ve always been jealous of her high metabolism. When she drives, you’d better buckle up because she is famous for achieving 0-60mph from one red light to the next.

When she brushes her teeth, it’s fast and hard and her whole body shakes. That must be how she burns so many calories. Her personality is portrayed in how the toothbrush bristles have deformed. Her toothbrush looks like she uses it to scrub the floor! All of the bristles are smashed out to the sides. This photo is actual proof. If your toothbrush looks likes Cindy’s, please do your teeth and gums a favor and replace it ASAP. Trust me on this, it’s not working effectively.

Toothbrushes should be replaced every three months for the normal, non-aggressive brusher. When you notice the bristles are starting to bend, replacement is indicated. If you have had an illness, such as a cold or flu, you should also replace your toothbrush due to bacteria that can harbor in the bristles. Bacteria and poor dental hygiene can lead to loss of teeth and gum disease.

Don’t lose your teeth!  Lose the old toothbrush!

By Dr. Alexandra George, DDS, LVIF

Dr. Alexandra S. George

Medically reviewed by Dr. Alexandra S. George - D.D.S., L.Vl.I.F. on January 22nd, 2016