Celebrate That New Smile!

Nurse smiling

Whether you have just completed your full-mouth reconstruction or are still in the middle of the process, the final outcome will be well worth the investment. But what will you do to celebrate once your treatment is complete? Here are some fun suggestions!

Be a Quitter

If you haven’t already, try to quit smoking or vaping. This will not only improve your overall health, but also make your mouth, teeth and breath healthier. Plus, those beautiful results you get from your smile makeover will look better for far longer!

Put on a Fresh Coat

Ladies, want to accentuate that gorgeous new smile? Try a new lipstick in a bold color that draws attention to your mouth. You’ve got nothing to hide when smiling, so go for it!

Take a Picture

If you really want to freeze this moment in time, consider having professional photos taken. Whether they be professional head shots for your LinkedIn profile or family portraits that will be handed down from generation to generation, make a permanent record of your beautiful new smile.

Invest in Some New Gear

You’ve got the new smile, now buy yourself a fancy new electric toothbrush, water flosser or tongue scraper to go with it. Your results will last longer and you’ll be more inclined to take care of that stunning new smile.


Now that your smile is as beautiful as you, it’s time to show it off by smiling. Studies have shown that even forced smiling can make us feel happier, so don’t be shy about showing off those glam new pearly whites everywhere you go.

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Dr. Alexandra S. George

Medically reviewed by Dr. Alexandra S. George - D.D.S., L.Vl.I.F. on February 6th, 2019